Redesigning Learning

to inspire and empower students for a successful real-world future.


In 2024, Chevalier College will implement a new and innovative educational approach that empowers students and redefines learning. Future Facing will change the way Chevalier students learn, creating a contemporary educational experience with Knowledge, Capabilities & Self-development at its core. By using time more effectively to maximise engagement and personal growth, students connect more deeply with their learning, acquiring complex capabilities and greater self-awareness to help them flourish in a rapidly changing world.


The Approach

A message from our principal

We must create a flexible, adaptable and personalised approach to education, one that emphasises creativity, collaboration and lifelong learning.”

The world has changed

Education today must prepare students for a future in a rapidly changing world and the current system is falling short. It is our belief that an educational approach that is flexible, adaptable, and focussed on developing the Knowledge, Capabilities & Self-development of the individual is critical to our students’ success in the modern world.


Why is change essential?

My Child’s Experience

Our goal is that every student at Chevalier College can achieve their potential. Students develop knowledge through the core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, Religious Education, HSIE, PDHPE, Creative and Performing Arts and Technology. Future Facing complements excellence in the core curriculum by developing students with Complex Capabilities and an innate sense of self to help them succeed.

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Measuring outcomes


All aspects of Future Facing aim to enhance student agency, modernise learning schedules and support teacher collective efficacy. As a learning organisation, Chevalier will be reviewing and assessing the impact of this new approach. To do so, we will be working with an Action Research Partner, Dr Phil Cummins and his team.

Links & References

In shaping Chev Future Facing, we've enlisted support from a range of organisations and compiled research links to robustly evidence the program.